Peppermint Essential Oil For Headaches And Migraines

Learn about this natural remedy using peppermint essential oil for headaches. Melt away the symptoms of tension headaches using peppermint oil as a cost-effective natural solution to replace drugs.

Learn about this natural remedy using peppermint essential oil for headaches. Melt away the symptoms of tension headaches using peppermint oil as a cost-effective natural solution to replace drugs.

Can peppermint oil relieve painful headaches and migraines? You might be surprised how versatile this oil is and the number of benefits it has including reducing headache pain. With its pleasant menthol aroma peppermint oil has a calming effect on the body, relaxing tense muscles, improving circulation, reducing nausea and relieving digestive problems. All these properties make using peppermint essential oil for headaches and migraines an excellent natural treatment.

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When using peppermint essential oil to treat headaches it is a good idea to test the oil on a small patch of skin first. Some adults, especially those with sensitive skin may have an allergy to the oil or find that it causes them irritation.

About Peppermint Essential Oil

A cross between water mint and spearmint, peppermint is indigenous to Europe and the Middle East. It has been used medicinally in European, Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. Peppermint oil use has even been dated as far back as 1,000 BC found in a number of Egyptian pyramids. The essential oils are gathered from the plant via steam distillation and the oil contains a high percentage of menthol.

Natural Relief for Headaches and Migraines

Peppermint oil contains menthol which has a refreshing aroma and local anesthetic qualities. Menthol triggers the cold-sensitive reactors in our skin where it is applied which gives a cooling sensation, excellent for relieving the pain of headaches and migraines.

Often tension headaches and migraines can be caused by poor circulation or digestive problems and peppermint oil improves both of these ailments. It reduces nausea by soothing the stomach lining and relaxing the muscles of the colon, this is why it is often used by sufferers of IBS.

Peppermint oil also improves respiratory function by acting as a decongestant and opening up airways which is great for relieving headaches. A great respiratory oil blend is when peppermint essential oil is mixed with eucalyptus essential oil and coconut oil, creating a natural homemade rub.

If you suffer from migraines you will be glad to know that peppermint oil can offer relief from the stronger symptoms. It is clinically proven to reduce nausea and soothes the stomach to reduce vomiting. Peppermint oil also reduces sensitivity to noise and light and the feeling of pressure in your temples.

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil for Headaches

Below I’ll describe several ways you can use peppermint essential oil for headaches on its own or blended with other essential oils. I have experienced the most relief from the topical blends but each of the methods below have provided worked well.

Topical Massage Blends For Headaches

I find gently massaging this blend into your temples, forehead and neck is very soothing and offers great relief. Focus more on the area where you’re feeling the most pressure from your headache.

You’ll need:

  • Glass bottle
  • 1 oz carrier oil (I prefer Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil)
  • Blend A,B or C

Blend A

Blend B

Blend C


Combine one of the essential oil blends and chosen carrier oil in glass bottle, then gently roll the bottle between your palms to blend the oils together. Place 2-4 drops of the blend onto your fingers and massage into your temples, forehead, neck or anywhere you feeling discomfort from the headache.

Peppermint Diffuser Blend for Headaches

Add 6-8 drops of peppermint essential oil to your favorite diffuser and follow the instructions. Peppermint oil has an intensely strong aroma so be careful not to add too much, start with less and judge for yourself.

Cottonball Diffusion for Headaches

Add 1-3 drops of peppermint essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it near your nose and inhale slowly. Start with 1 drop as I mentioned peppermint oil has a strong aroma, judge for yourself if you need more or not.


Other Health Benefits Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil really is one of the most versatile essential oils along with lavender and everyone should have some on hand in their medicine cabinet.

Some of the other benefits peppermint has to offer are antimicrobial qualities, improving mental focus, boosting energy, muscle relaxation, soothing digestion, clearing respiratory tract and of course relieving headaches and migraines.

Learn about this natural remedy using peppermint essential oil for headaches. Melt away the symptoms of tension headaches using peppermint oil as a cost-effective natural solution to replace drugs.

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