4 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

We all want to eat healthy, but sometimes choosing healthier foods can come with a higher price tag. Try a few of these tips to cut down on the grocery bill and still enjoy tasty, healthy meals.

Skip Eating Out

Going out to eat is expensive. While choosing a cheap burger may seem like a way to save some money, the cost of fast food can quickly add up. Fast food is also, obviously, not the healthiest option. The amount of fat, sodium, and sugar found in fast food can be avoided by cooking at home. Cooking at home can be just as convenient as fast food if you do a little work ahead of time. Give yourself options and have a plan to stay healthy and in budget.

Stick With A List

The first rule of grocery shopping is to never go hungry. The second is to always take a list. If you follow both of these rules, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of succumbing to all of the candy bar displays and convenient, but expensive, options in the aisles. Plan out which meals you’ll be making throughout the week then make a list of the ingredients you’ll need for each. Go to the grocery store with a plan and stick to it.

Be Smart About Meal Planning

Planning meals will help you to stick to your grocery budget. Start by looking through your pantry and creating meals based on what you already have on hand. This will eliminate some ingredients from the list. Have a plan for meals each day of the week will also take away excuses to eat out. You won’t be able to say that you just couldn’t find anything at home because you’ll already have a plan ready. When choosing meals for the week, look for some that use the same ingredients. This will, again, cut down on the grocery list and will also give you the ability to buy some products in bulk, making them less expensive.

Stock Up The Freezer

Meat is one of the most expensive items on most grocery lists. To cut down on costs, purchase meat when it goes on sale and stock up your freezer. If it’s an item you know you’ll use, like chicken breast or lean ground beef, it won’t go to waste. Keep it in the freezer and use it as needed for weekly recipes.

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