7 Best No-Gym Home Exercises

If you need to lose some weight, or simply look toned and fit, you require fat burning exercises you can do at home.

It often happens that you simply cannot make it to the gym or go outdoors to carry out your regular fitness regime, if you follow one.

This may be due to a lack of time or weather conditions.

If you don’t have a regular fitness schedule, then it is all the more important that you do these exercises.

You can surely make some time at home so that you can lose excess fat from your body.

The only thing you need for these exercises is the will to do them.

1. Rope-jumping

Skipping rope is easy and will take you straight back to you childhood.

You need a good skipping rope and some space to be able to this.

Skip rope for at least 30 minutes to burn 350 calories.

You can vary your speed, starting slow and ending slow, going fast in the middle.

As you practice and increase your speed, you will get more of a work-out and faster results.

2. Hula-hoop

Another childhood favorite, the hula-hoop helps you burn fat.

Get one for adults and start doing this fat burning exercise that will burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.

You will notice a trim waist soon and your stomach will also get toned.

3. Dancing

Ever notice how much you sweat when you are actually dancing?

Do this in the privacy of your home, listening to your favorite dance music tracks.

The faster you can dance, the better – make sure your arms and legs get the required movements.

You can burn 221 calories in 30 minutes of dancing and have fun, too.

4. Jogging in place

This is simple to do at home and you can watch television or listen to music while doing it.

Don’t forget to warm up before starting fast jogging and wear the correct shoes.

You can burn 200 calories in 32 minutes – the more and faster you move, the greater the number of calories you will burn.

5. Back and thigh lift

Lie flat on the floor, with your arms parallel to your body and your knees up, at 90 degrees, feet on the floor.

Slowly lift up your butt and thighs so that your body is at an angle.

Hold the position for 10 counts and then gently lower your butt.

Do this at least five times, to begin with, and work up to 20.

6. Lower body raise

Lie flat on the floor, with your arms parallel to your body and legs straight.

Slowly lift up both your legs as far as they go and hold.

The aim is to get your legs at a 90 degrees angle.

Lower your legs and gradually build this up to at least 10 repetitions.

7. Leg exercises

Go on all fours on the floor, with your palms flat and your knees bent.

Raise one knee upwards so that it is in line with the rest of the body.

Hold for the count of 10 and then come back to the original position.

Do this with the other leg and knee.

Do each side for 5 repetitions to start with it and work up to 10 each.

Don’t concentrate on only one exercise every day – make your own work out plan so that you exercise different parts of your body and you will soon see results.

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