10 Worst Habits That Make Your Tummy Bulge

We all have certain habits that we practice on a regular basis.

Some of them are beneficial and others are detrimental to our health.

Some habits are formed from our childhood and can carry on until we are adults – for example, nail-biting and teeth grinding.

Other habits are outgrown, like thumb sucking.

There are also habits that we form when we are adults, like drinking coffee first thing in the morning or not having anything for breakfast.

One thing we need to know is that habits can be changed.

If we consciously shape our habits, they can be helpful in health and wellness and even weight loss.

Research has shown that neurons in the brain inform us of the good or bad outcomes of the habits we’ve formed.

Simply put, we are aware of the damage some habits we have may cost and changing it to our benefit is a simple choice.

Let’s take a look at 10 habits that cause our bellies to bulge.

See for yourself which ones are hurting your diet the most.

1. Eating Big With Your Group

When dining out with friends or with a big group of people, definitely we need to order more.

We think to ourselves, “well, I’m eating small portions of everything so it’s not so bad.”

Think again!

Studies have shown that when we eat with large groups of people we tend to eat around 40% more as well.

I guess, we get excited and start consuming more.

Not that you should stop hanging out with friends, but change the habit of over-indulging when with large groups of people. Moderation is key.

2. You Aren’t Ordering First

When dining out with a big group, place your order first.


Well, some studies have shown that people tend to order similarly when in large groups.

If you start of by choosing something healthy, then the rest will follow.

3. Diet Soda Drinkers

Zero-calorie drinks have become a hit because it seems to be the better choice.

However, according to experts, that is not the case at all.

Diet soda actually has the same effect as sugar when it enters your body.

It triggers insulin which then results in the body storing fat thus the weight gain.

Also, have you noticed how artificially sweetened drinks are a lot sweeter than actual sugar.

Over time, our taste buds get so used to that flavor that we start to dislike less sweet food, like fruits.

4. Not Practicing Mindfulness In Eating

Because life has become so fast-paced, so have our meals.

We rush into breakfast, grab a quick lunch and work over our dinners.

This is not practicing mindfulness at all and actually causes us to gorge instead of eat.

Practice enjoying every meal.

Watch out for the scents and textures of your food.

Savor the taste.

It is not really dieting but taking your time while you eat.

Chew before swallowing.

5. Social Media

The time we spend liking posts, watching online videos or editing our own images is time spent resting.

Now, we have nothing against that except one question please, how much of your day is spent doing that?

Spend your time wisely.

Get up and make your own videos.

Experience life so you have something to post about.

Point is, you need to start being active.

6. Not Having The Right Tea

Definitely not the iced tea you buy in packets, add to water and ice.

A cup of tea is the best drink you can give your body.

Green tea, for instance, is filled with vitamins and is a very powerful antioxidant.

Chamomile tea has powerful calming effects and helps the body get good rest which is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Search up the different kinds of tea you can add to your daily diet and start brewing.

7. Your Full But You Forget

Being mindful at all times is key.

When eating, it is best to focus on just eating.

Don’t be watching tv, or talking to a friend, or even doing work.

We need to be present in the moment, enjoying the food we eat so we don’t miss out on our body informing us that we are actually getting full.

This is what happens many times and we end up stopping right when we feel we’re in a coma.

Key is to eat at a slower pace and have smaller bites.

Be present. Be mindful. Enjoy.

8. You Got Trapped!

The home is a wonderful place to be in. True.

BUT…it is full of hidden traps that can get us at any time if we are not careful.

Especially when the hunger pangs hit, watch out for the open bag of chips or leftover lasagne that’s calling your name out loud.

Choose what you eat wisely.

A good plan would be to involve the people you live within your diet process.

They could be powerful tools that could help you achieve your goal.

They could give you encouragement when you need them and help you keep away from those traps.

9. You Should Go And Love Yourself

Love yourself now.

It is the best disposition you can have and can actually be the push you need to get you to the dream body you want.

When we’re on the process of dieting, many discouragements can come your way – the scale isn’t giving you the numbers you expected or the dress is still a bit too tight.

Loving yourself at every point of the journey is the best way to fight the blues.

You can remind yourself of how far you’ve come and why you want to keep moving forward.

10. Why Aren’t You Showering?

Taking care of yourself and rewarding yourself with long, hot baths is the best expression of loving yourself.

Keeping yourself clean and groomed promotes happiness and peace and encourages you to even love yourself more.

If you aren’t enjoying your bath time, you aren’t doing it right.

Spend more time caring for yourself and indulge your mind and body more.

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