10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Want to double your weight loss by eliminating mindless or wasteful eating? Simply follow these 10 secret tips that are scientifically proven to help you lose weight!

One issue that keeps people overweight is mindless or wasteful eating (snacking).

So what exactly is mindless eating? Here are some examples:

  • Eating while watching TV
  • Eating while on the computer
  • Eating while on the phone
  • Eating while pretty much doing anything other than focusing on…eating

In essence, mindless snacking is eating while being distracted; we all do it at one point or another.

This issue leads people to consume more calories than they would have.

While it’s okay to OCCASIONALLY enjoy food while watching your favorite TV show, doing it too much leads to weight gain…unless you knew how to control it.

Luckily for you, I have 10 scientific-based tips that help control mindless eating:

1. Cut down on distracted eating

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

When it comes to consuming proper portion sizes, distracted eating is the top dilemma people face.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching TV, on your smartphone or listening to some music; eating while distracted can lead you to eat faster, feeling less full and mindlessly eat more.

Numerous studies revealed that individuals consume more calories while distracted vs. no distractions.

2. Use smaller plates

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Pop quiz: In the picture above, which plate has more food?

Answer: Neither, both have the same amount of food.

Be honest…you thought it was the plate on the left. I did too!

See the tricks our eyes can play on us?

By using smaller plates, the food you place on it looks bigger.

The problem is we are eating out of bigger plates than we were decades ago, thus leading to our waistlines expanding more each year.

Studies have shown that eating out of bigger plates encourages us to pile on more food.

Inversely, studies have shown switching from a bigger plate to a smaller one help us consume significantly fewer calories.

So in this case ladies, smaller is better.

3. Use tall glasses for non-water beverages

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

When it comes to alcohol and other non-water beverages, tall is better.

Despite a tall glass and a short glass holding the same amount of liquid, studies show that taller glasses can help reduce the amount you pour by 57%.

So a good rule of thumb is drink water out of short, wide glasses while using tall, thin glasses for other beverages.

4. Favor smaller packages for snack foods

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Admit it! You got to have a pack of M&M’s at least once a week.

That’s fine but instead of throwing your weight loss efforts on a party-sized snack, opt for a fun size one instead.

One study showed that people who were given a one-pound bag of M&M’s ate significantly more than those who were given a half-pound bag.

Once again, smaller is better.

5. Leave leftovers of the food you have eaten

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Did you know that leftover food could discourage you from eating more?

Research shows that visual reminders of what they ate made participants eat less vs. when their plate was cleaned.

So make it a natural tendency to leave evidence of what you’ve eaten to stay mindful of how much you have consumed.

6. Decrease the variety of foods you eat per meal

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

If you need one reason to stay away from a buffet, here it is: A large variety of food encourages you to eat more.

Research shows that having a wider variety of food options can lead you to eat up to 23% more.

It makes sense because most people want to savor all the different flavors, thus piling their plate with as much variety as possible.

7. Keep certain foods out of sight

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That phrase can’t be more true, particularly when it comes to mindless eating.

A study revealed that people eat more candy out of a clear bowl vs. a solid bowl.

When you don’t see sweets, you are less tempted by them.

So if you can’t help buying a large bag of fun size Snicker’s, at least put it up in the back of the cupboard.

8. Eat slowly

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

When it comes to eating…slow down.

Most people eat faster than Usain Bolt.

Numerous studies show that eating pace dictates how many calories an individual consumes.

Most scientists feel that taking 20-30 minutes to finish a meal allows more time for the brain to signal fullness.

9. Eat out with slow-eating people

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Piggybacking off the last step, try to eat with other slow-eating people when out at restaurants.

Studies show that people tend to eat more when they are with family and friends, thus the reason it is best to eat with people who normally consume food at a slow rate.

10. Eat according to your inner clock

10 Science-Based Secrets To Double Your Weight Loss

Remember the article I talked about that listed the habits most healthy, fit individuals have?

Well, intuitive eating is another thing that they do.

In other words, they listen to their bodies – not a certain time of day – to determine when to eat.

Researchers discovered that people who relied on a certain time to eat consumed more calories vs. those who relied on internal hunger signals.

Another study discovered that normal-weight individuals tend to rely less on the clock when it came to eating.

Forget the outdated notion of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a particular time every day; eat whenever your body tells you too.

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